Name: Air self-purifier

Air self-purifier is a kind of air purification unit which can supply partial clean working environment.It is composed of primary filter, fan, high-effective filter and plenum chamber. Its structure is simple and its use is convenient, so it is the best ideal equipment for the air purification of simple and small areas.This device has two types : Fixed type ZJ and movable type YZJ ,its exit cleanliness can reach 100 grade.This device is mainly applied to the sterile workshop for food,beverage, pharmacy ,alcohol making ,etc .

Fixed type

Model ZJ-600X/TA ZJ-800X/TA ZJ-1500X/TA
Purification efficiency 0.5μm dust granule   size ≥99.99%(sodium flame   method)
Air speed 0.46m/s±20%(adjustable)
Noise ≤ 62dB(A)
Vibration ≤3μm( X.Y.Z direction )
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Hole opening size(MM) 705*705 915*705 1550*840
Outside dimension (MM) 755*755*400 965*755*400 1610*900*500
Air flow (m3/h) 600 800 1500
Filter specification 600*600*150 820*600*150 720*760*150
Input specification 0.2KW 0.4KW
Remarks Non-standard size is acceptable

YZJ movable type

Model YZJ- movable type
Filtration efficiency ≥99.97%@≥0.3μm
Air flow (m3/h) 1000m3/h(adjustable)
Average air speed 1.5-2m/s(adjustable)
Noise ≤ 62dB(A)
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Max power 0.2KW
Size Exterior Width (MM) 850
Depth(MM) 400
Height(MM) 1330
Specification for high effective filter 760*600*100*(1)
Remarks Non-standard size is acceptable

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