Machine-Made Sandwich Panel

Name: Corrugated powder coated steel sandwich panel

Corrugated powder coated steel sandwich panel

corrugated rock wool sandwich panel ,corrugated rock wool ceiling panel

Consists of : this kind panels are integrated by corrugated panels and sandwich panels ,so that its strength is about three times of normal flat color steel panel .Meanwhile , it adopts hidden self-drilling screws to connect to avoid destroying the powder coated steel panels’ exposed parts ,so the sandwich panels are more durable .The connection between panels take buckle type for easy construction , high effectiveness and no water seepage . Now it is widely used because of many advantages : light weight,high strength , abundant colors ,easy construction ,seismic -resistance ,fireproof ,rainproof ,long life etc .


Thickness: 50/75/100/150/200mm

Length:Customized according to project requirements and conditions of transport

Color: according to the engineering requirements

Application : Suitable for industrial and civil construction ,warehouse , special type building , roof and wall or inside and outside wall decoration for large span steel structure house ,etc .



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