Machine-Made Sandwich Panel

Name: EPS sandwich panel

EPS sandwich panel

EPS foam panel , EPS wall panel , EPS machinemade sandwich panel

Composition: It adopts anti-flaming EPS as filler ,galvanized powder coated as cover (double layer) and high strength glue .And then it is through high speed continuous automation forming machine to warm , composite ,trim, slot and cut to be the new generation of building and decorating panels.

Width(MM) 950/1150
Thickness (MM) 50/75/100/150/200
Length Customized according to project   requirements and conditions of transport
Color According to the engineering requirements
Variety H plate(plate,pressure type),tongue   and groove panel,corrugated sandwich panel
Self-weight 10.0-13.6KG/M2
Thermal conductivity 0.034-0.037w/m.k
Oxygen Index(oi) 34.0(Fire Product Quality   Supervision,Inspection Station)
Sound insulation performance 19dB(A)(75MM)
Core Polystyrene foam panel should be   consistent with the provision of GB10801,the bulk density of not less than   12KG/M3,the thermal conductivity of not more than   0.041W/(mk),flame resistance(ZR),the oxygen index of not less than 30%
binder The bond strength should be greater than   0.1Mpa
Stripping performance Stripping experiments,the polystyrene   foam particles bonded on the surface material should be distributed evenly   .Each stripped surface bonding area should be not less than 85%


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