Name: LED panel light

LED pane light          LED light     

This panel light adopts ultra-high brightness paster LED as light source,liquid crystal display(LCD) backlight technology as its basis . The light can illuminate evenly and softly through optical light guide plate and light diffusion plate , so that it can effectively play the advantages of LED energy conservation and environmental protection and also solve the dazzling problem .LED uses low pressure constant current drive style to ensure the face-panel more secure, energy saving and durable. There are various types for panel light installation ,it can be embedded into the ceiling wall and installation body surface, also can be hanged at the bottom of ceiling or installation body to make it very beautiful , neat and harmonious.

Product features:

1.No Mercury ,no infrared ray, no ultraviolet ray , no electromagnetic wave interruption ,no heat effect, no radiation , no strobe frequency

2.Energy reservation and environmental protection , PF can reach 90%

3.Special circuit design to avoid single light affecting the overall effect .

4.The light is light , thin and easy for installation .

5.High color rendering index(CRI), strong color reducibility ,fresh vision sense , object distortionless.

6.Aluminum frame +Acrylic light guide plate+ PS diffusion plate , attractive and durable


The lights are suitable for the purifying area such as pharmaceutical ,biological industry , food industry and electric IT etc .At the same time , It can be applied to big area standard workshop , electronics , food and cosmetics industry clean room .

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